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Are there any easy walks on the Malvern Hills?

View of the Malvern Hills from the edge of New Pool, with the lake in the foreground

The Malvern Hills are like a mini mountain range rising from the Severn Plain. Imagine a children’s drawing of a hill and that is approximately the shape of most of the Malvern Hills.

A view through trees to the hills of Herefordshire to the west of the Malvern Hills

Looking at the shape of the hills, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is no easy walking to be had, but there is.

The wheelchair-accessible slope that runs north from Black Hill car park rises gently for 300m to a dip between hills. At the top of the path, the views east over the Severn Plain and west over the hills of Herefordshire are impressive.

A view of the Malvern Hills rising from just behind a flat field in St Wulstan's Nature Reserve

The paths around St Wulstan’s Nature Reserve in Malvern Wells are completely flat and frequently punctuated with benches you can rest on. Although not strictly on the Malvern Hills, they do have excellent views of the hills.

A wide grassy track that leads across the top of Peachfield Common, with the Malvern Hills rising to the right and in the distance.

Another place for an easy stroll is at the top of Malvern Common, known as Peachfield Common to locals. A wide, flat track leads from the car park at the top of the common along the slope. The views from here are far-ranging across Worcestershire to the hills on the other side of the plain.

For more ideas about easy places to walk on the hills, check out my free guide to Choosing Your Walk on the Malvern Hills. It includes tourist information as well as ideas for places to walk that are easy, challenging, of historical interest or particularly good for nature. It also indicates which walks featured in 15 Short Walks on the Malvern Hills and Malvern’s Marvellous Trees would suit each.

Of course, not all walks on the Malvern Hills are easy. If you’re more interested in challenging walks, look out for some ideas in next week’s blog.

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