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The Live Your Bucket List audiobook is live!

The Live Your Bucket List audiobook is now live across multiple platforms!

You can now buy and download the audiobook in whatever package you usually use.

I was so excited to publish Live Your Bucket List in the summer, and even more excited when it became a #1 Amazon bestseller!

Now, I hope to make it available to even more people - those who listen to books rather than read them. And if you like to do both, it is Whispersync compatible (Kindle and Audible synchronisation).

Live Your Bucket List provides you with practical tools to turn those things you have always wanted to do into reality. Start planning your New Year's resolutions now - and make 2022 the year that you stick to them!

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Allie Selby
Allie Selby


Julia Goodfellow-Smith
Julia Goodfellow-Smith

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