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The ‘Me’ in Menopause – Shared experiences of WI members

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

There is no need for mystery to surround the menopause, but it still does. This short book, based on the experiences of Women’s Institute members, gives an insight into how the menopause has affected them, what changes they have noticed, how long those changes lasted for and the coping strategies that they have found useful.

My friend Hazel and I suspected that some of the changes we were experiencing in our lives were down to the menopause. We heard snippets from friends about how the menopause was affecting their lives, but it’s not something that we found ourselves discussing in detail.

We wanted to know more. When we asked a group of Women’s Institute members, we found out that they did too. They told us what they wanted to know, and we used that as a basis for this book. Over 100 Women’s Institute members completed a questionnaire and we interviewed some for more in-depth stories, 14 of which we tell in the book.

I am delighted that the e-book has now been published and the printed copy will be available soon. For a copy of the e-book, please go to From this page, you will be able to choose the retailer appropriate to your e-reader.

If you would prefer a printed copy, please email me on and I will get in touch with you as soon as they are ready.

The book has four chapters:

1. The first details the stories of 14 women who have been through or are currently going through the menopause. The stories are told in their own words and describe the changes they have experienced.

2. The second describes the main changes that were reported by over 100 contributors.

3. The third offers advice from our contributors – coping strategies that either did or didn’t work for them.

4. The final chapter reminds us all that there are some benefits to menopause, and that life does continue afterwards.

The book is around 13,000 words long, which means that it is a short, easy read – perfect for all women and their families either experiencing the menopause now or wondering what they might encounter in the future.

Order yours now from or email me on if you would prefer a printed copy.

Please be aware that, although all of our contributors were (or are) members of the Women’s Institute, this is not an official Women’s Institute book and does not represent the views of that organisation.

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