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Reading and Dreaming

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I have been spending far too many hours sitting in front of my computer recently instead of adventuring. I have started writing my next book and have been working on the audiobook version of Live Your Bucket List (join the launch team for a sneak preview) - two exciting projects, so I shouldn't complain.

But that doesn't stop me from dreaming. When I picked up England & Wales Island Bagging by Lisa Drewe, I just couldn't help myself. It is not just a list of islands, but an exciting romp around them. The author clearly knows the islands well and shares her passion and knowledge with readers. She describes points of interest, whether geological, historic, social or relating to wildlife. These descriptions are augmented with information on how to get there, which is not always easy!

I found myself dreaming about scrambling up and over Worm's Head on the Gower Peninsula, paddling across to Spurn Head at low tide now that it's an island (I knew it well when it was a spit attached to the mainland) and watching puffins on Lundy.

I started making a list of islands that I want to visit, but quickly realised that it is all of the islands in the book! The author's enthusiasm for the islands is infectious, and I shall keep a copy of this book to hand as a reference guide and tick off each island as I bag it.

Get your copy from Amazon here or a signed copy from the publisher here.

What adventure books have you read recently that you loved? Please share in the comments below.

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01 lis 2021

islands of Wales here we come

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