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Cycling King Alfred's Way: A Piece of Cake?

‘A wonderfully inspiring story … an education in every part of preparing for this epic ride’

Guy Kesteven, author of the Cycling UK King Alfred’s Way guidebook and creator of


What’s it really like to cycle King Alfred’s Way? Is it a piece of cake, or rather harder than that?


Julia Goodfellow-Smith was a non-cyclist just six weeks before she and her mountain biking friend Alison set off on this epic 350km route around southern England. Follow Julia’s sometimes bumpy journey from cycling novice to riding King Alfred’s Way itself.

In Cycling King Alfred’s Way: A Piece of Cake? you’ll discover what each section of the route is like to cycle, as well as strategies to:

  • Plan your adventure.

  • Make cycling more comfortable.

  • Reach the top of hills without stopping or pushing.

  • Carry on when things get tough.

  • Stay healthy.


Whether you’re an experienced cycle tourer or rookie like Julia, learn from her mistakes – and her successes – to make your next bikepacking adventure the best possible success.

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