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Listen to the first three chapters of Live Your Bucket List, free of charge!


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What’s on your bucket list?


Do you think about how extraordinary your life would be if you fulfilled those dreams?


What have you always wanted to achieve but kept saying, ‘I’d love to do that… one day.’ 


It’s time to make ‘one day’ today with Live Your Bucket List


If you’re looking to overcome your fears, learn new things, go on that journey of a lifetime or start that business you always said you would, this book is your roadmap.


In Live Your Bucket List, Julia Goodfellow-Smith guides you through the proven process that will take you from dreaming to achieving.


You’ll find steps to:  

  • Decide which bucket list dream to pursue. 

  • Ignite your passion for that dream.  

  • Overcome obstacles including fear, lack of money and time. 

  • Plan to achieve your dream.  

  • Successfully implement your plans.  

  • Reflect on your achievements.  


Each step of the process is detailed and accompanied by personal stories and key lessons from Goodfellow-Smith’s own journey to live her bucket list.  


Some day we will all run out of ‘one day’, so don’t waste any more time procrastinating. Follow this step-by-step guide and start living your bucket list today.

Live Your Bucket List is available wherever you usually buy your books or listen to audiobooks. If you like to use Amazon, please click on the link below.

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Download a pdf of all the templates used in Live Your Bucket List here. By doing so, you will also become a member of the site, which means that you will receive occasional newsletters and blog updates.

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