Join the Camino de Santiago book launch team   

I will be launching my book about walking the Camino de Santiago in the new year. Join my launch team now to get an inside track on the book production process, help me choose my cover design and receive a pre-launch copy of the book. It's entirely up to you how much of a commitment you make (see the choices below).


If you've never been part of a book launch team before, there's no need to worry - I'll explain all the steps in advance and make it really easy for you.

Whatever level of commitment you make, thank you! You are helping me to make my book a success, and helping other people to find it and enjoy their Camino experience more. 


Option 1

I will gladly grab a copy when you launch, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to leave a review.


Option 2

I'd love to support you by grabbing a copy and leaving a review on launch day.

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Option 3

I'm all in! I'm happy to grab a copy, leave a review on launch day, share the book with friends, and help however else I can.


Please choose one of the 3 options as stated above

Thanks for joining!