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Pure delight on Poolbrook Common

A photo of long grasses, orchids, buttercups and other meadow flowers all jostling for space on Poolbrook Common
The meadow on Poolbrook Common

Known as Poolbrook Common to locals and shown as Malvern Common on an OS map, this wildflower meadow is one of the jewels of the Malvern Hills. In June, thousands of tiny flowers compete for space with the grasses, and skylarks fly high overhead, singing their 'space-invaders' song.

(Please keep your dog on a short lead and stay on the paths during the summer, as skylark nests are all but invisible to the human eye and very easy to tread on accidentally.)

Vivid yellow iris flowers in the foreground, lush green flat meadow in the middle ground and the Malvern Hills in the background
Yellow flag iris flowers on Poolbrook Common with the Malvern Hills behind

Parts of the lower slopes are thick with purple spires of orchid flowers, and yellow flag irises brighten the banks of the stream. At this time of year, the meadow hums with insects, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies flutter around, especially chequerboard Marbled Whites.

A black and white butterfly sitting with its wings open on a purple flower, with greenery in the background
Marbled White butterfly. Credit: Pixabay

For a couple of months, it's a thoroughly magical place. Then, at the height of summer when the flowers have gone to seed, it is mown by the Malvern Hills Trust. This spreads the seed, ready for next year's glorious display.

For more information about where to find what while walking on the Malvern Hills, check out my free Choosing Your Walk on the Malvern Hills pdf.

A book cover - pink, entitled '15 Short Walks on the Malvern Hills'

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