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Are there any challenging walks on the Malvern Hills?

A line of hills snaking off into the distance, with much flatter land each side
Looking south down the line of the Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills are like a mini mountain range rising from the Severn Plain. Imagine a child’s drawing of a hill, and that is approximately the shape of the slopes of the Malvern Hills.

Of course, not all paths head straight up, but those that do are pretty steep and pretty strenuous.

A steep path dropping down towards rolling hills, bounded by a dead tree on the left and living trees on the right
Path leading down from Eastnor Obelisk

The Malverns are not high hills, though, so the climb does not last for long, although it doesn't always feel like that.

Julia dressed as a jellyfish walking up a steep slope, with another hill and then the Severn Plain in the background
Me on Pinnacle Hill - my nemesis - the hardest to walk up. Credit: Archie Wilde

The most strenuous walk on the Malvern Hills is an end-to-end ridge walk, around 8 miles of almost continuous up or down. This isn’t a big enough challenge for some, so they turn around at End Hill and walk back to the starting point. For most, that’s a tough day’s walk.

The end-to-end ridge walk is not in my book, 15 Short Walks on the Malvern Hills, because it is too long. Nevertheless, you can combine two or three of the short walks to make a challenging walk if that’s what you prefer.

15 Short Walks on the Malvern Hills is written for everyday walkers keen to explore the area. Each individual walk is short and can be completed without specialist hiking kit - although a windproof layer is advisable for when you’re at the top of the hills. Some of the walks have steep climbs, but only for a short distance.

There are also plenty of options on the Malvern Hills – and in the book – for walkers who prefer a flatter route. Check out my previous blog to find out more.

If you are planning a walk on the Malvern Hills, I have produced a guide to Choosing Your Walk on the Malvern Hills to help you choose walks or walking areas that best suit you.

Have you had any challenging walks on the Malvern Hills? Please comment below – I will always respond.

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