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How to make your dreams come true

Hey everyone!

Did you hear the news? I'm writing a book on how you can make your dreams come true by following the method I used last year to turn my 25-year dream of walking the South West Coast Path into reality. I have some work to do on the title, but that's the gist of it.

As part of the Self Publishing School program, they suggest that we post our mindmap for support - see below. This is a mindmap of my personal development thoughts as I walked - I have whittled it down and added to it for the book so that it focuses on key messages specifically related to achieving your dream.

I’ve thought about writing a book for a while, but the reason I decided to publish now is that I really feel that I can help other people with this message. If I had applied what I know now 25 years ago, I could have walked the South West Coast Path many times over, rather than waiting until last year to do it.

You will see my book soon. I plan to have the rough draft completed within six weeks and publish it this summer.

Cheer me on by posting below:

  1. Are you interested in my topic?

  2. Do I know anyone else writing a book?

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