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Is writing a book on your bucket list?

The covers of Walking the Camino paperback, large print paperback, supplementary workbook, audiobook, planning pdf and book club questions pdf
Walking the Camino paperback, e-book, large print paperback, supplementary workbook and audiobook covers, planning pdf and book club questions

Tomorrow, I am launching my third self-published book, 'Walking the Camino: A Journey for the Heart and Soul'.

One of my friends recently asked a group of conference delegates what was on their bucket list. Almost everyone said they wanted to start a business, write a book, or both.

If writing a book is on your bucket list, would you like to know about my process for writing and self-publishing?

A mind map connecting lots of thoughts about what became 'Live Your Bucket List'
The 'Live Your Bucket List' mind map - version 1

Have you ever suffered from writer's block and wondered how others overcome it?

Would you like to know more about the editing process?

Have you ever wondered how you might create a cover?

Does uploading a book to Amazon seem daunting? Would you like to know what information you need to have ready?

Does it sound complicated to make your book available worldwide, whether online or in bookshops?

Are you curious about how I use artificial intelligence to support my writing?

Have you ever wanted to speak on a podcast but were worried about how to approach them or what to say on air?

Are you interested to know what I'm doing to build my mailing list - and why?

Is there something else about writing and self-publishing a book you'd like to know?

I thought producing a large print book would just involve increasing the font size. I was wrong! Would you like to know why - and what more is needed?

Please let me know in the comments below, and I will answer as best as I can - in the comments, a blog/s or a Facebook Live, depending on the nature and number of the questions posed.

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