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It's bluebell time!

May is the perfect month to see bluebells, wherever you are in the UK. The bluebells are glorious on the Malvern Hills, one of my favourite places to walk. Bluebells are a woodland flower, but they thrive on the lower slopes of the Malvern Hills, in areas where the trees have been cleared. They seem to love the amount of light they get, and they positively glow in the sunshine.

A swathe of bluebells on the Malvern Hills, with some trees in the background

More bluebells in an open field on the side of the Malvern Hills

One of the best places to see them is just to the north of Black Hill car park on the west slope, but there are many patches of these deliciously-scented flowers on the west side of the hills. I can't think of any places on the eastern slopes of the Malvern Hills where you can see them. If you know of somewhere, please leave a comment below.

For more information about where to find what on the Malvern Hills, check out my free pdf, Choosing Your Walk on the Malvern Hills, available from here.

If you are planning a trip to the area, my book 15 Short Walks on the Malvern Hills is available now to pre-order from Cicerone Press, ready for dispatch in a couple of weeks.

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