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Kimmeridge Bay Marine Nature Reserve

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Walking towards Kimmeridge Bay, I was looking out for the Clavell Tower, an elegant landmark standing on the cliffs. When it came into view, I increased my pace; I had a lunch date to get to. I took the long, steep flight of steps down to the bay as quickly as I dared, dashed past the Dorset Wildlife Trust centre, back up the slope to the path around the bay and along to the car park. I had spotted our car from the steps, and I didn’t want to be late. If I was this excited to see my husband Mike after just a morning’s walking, how was I going to manage without him for weeks at a time?

We headed back down to the bay with lunch in hand. What had happened to our Indian summer? The wind was cool, so up went the hood of my hoodie and my windcheater, with my sunhat on top. This was clearly not going to be a fashion parade!

After lunch, we dove into the Dorset Wildlife Trust and Fine Foundation Wild Seas Centre, to get out of the wind and warm up as much as anything. I had considered checking out the snorkelling safari here, but I need a bit of sunshine to entice me into the sea. Instead, we had a long chat with our host about overfishing, dolphin necropsies, climate change, nurdles and plastic ‘bio-beads’. For more about this discussion, follow this link.

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18 sty 2021

passionate local woman explained the dangers of plastic to sea life and us.

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