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Walking the Camino - grab your advance reader copy now!

Walking the Camino: A Journey for the Heart and Soul will be published mid-April.

Book cover for Walking the Camino, featuring a pilgrim walking towards a cross in the hills.

Are you ready for a journey of self-reflection, connection and adventure? Discover the wonders of the Camino de Santiago and prepare for your own journey with Walking the Camino.

In Walking the Camino, I share my experience on the two most popular routes and offer practical advice for your journey. What’s the Camino like to walk? Is it safe? How easy is it to find places to sleep and eat? Do you have to be religious to be a pilgrim? This book is full of valuable insight, tips and advice to help make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

I am looking for dedicated readers who can help spread the word about this inspiring book. With your advance copy, you can become part of my journey and be among the first to read it and leave a review.

Be a part of something special and grab an advance copy of Walking the Camino today!

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